Scooters are a great mode of transportation in the city, campground, college campus or anywhere you want to travel a moderate distance without firing up the car and hassling with parking. Electric scooters provide a great alternative to walking without shelling out a few thousand dollars for a Segway®. Electric scooters are fast, reliable, silent and can easily be stored away. These electric scooters have powerful motors that go far and recharge quickly.

Gas scooters give you the power you need to go great distances on just a tiny bit of fuel. With gas prices skyrocketing people are looking for cheaper alternatives to cars and avoiding the high speed dangers of motorcycles. Gas scooters and bikes are the answer to high fuel economy and the extra power you can't get from an electric scooter.
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X-140 Electric Scooter See details
X-140 Electric Scooter
X-140 electric scooter is the most popular model for the neighborhood kids. It features a 140 watt motor that's capable of speeds up to 10mph.

Our price: $149.00
List price: $175.00 save 15%
X-300 Electric Scooter See details
X-300 Electric Scooter
High quality, medium-sized scooter. Folds and unfolds easily for quick storage and usage. Speeds of 20 mph with high output controller system.

Our price: $349.97
XG-470 Gas Scooter blue maroon See details
XG-470 Gas Scooter blue maroon
The XG-470 comes with both front and rear brakes, an EPA Certified 50cc electric starting gasoline 2-stroke engine and automatic transmission for optimal performance and nearly zero maintenance. The built in charging system will charge your scooter, as you ride.

Our price: $399.00
List price: $429.00 save 7%
X-500 Electric Scooter Blue Black See details
X-500 Electric Scooter Blue Black
The X-500 electric scooter has loads of power and employs a 500 Watt magnetic electric motor powered 4 batteries. The battery output is 48 volts which means tons of scooter power right under the deck. The deck is lightweight aluminum and accommodates an optional seat kit that we are currently including for free. You will enjoy a smooth ride on this electric scooter as the 10" tires absorb lots of road shock. Lightweight aluminum and stylish mag wheels employ vented disk brakes for responsive braking. The frame is high tension steel for ultimate durability and construction. We think the X-500 scooter is the toughest electric scooter on the market.

Free Shipping (lower 48 states only)

Our price: $399.97
List price: $425.00 save 6%
X-600 Electric Scooter See details
X-600 Electric Scooter
The X-600 electric scooter is the one that has it all, including front and rear shocks for the smoothest ride of any electric scooter. 36 volts and 600 watts of pure electric scooter power. X-600 is the best electric scooter anywhere.

Our price: $425.00
List price: $500.00 save 15%