Chicago Skates

A great collection of starter, classic and pro skates. Chicago skates have become a household name. The king of introductory skates, the Chicago Skate Co. is best known for great skates like the 400 and 805's. Your guaranteed to see a pair of Chicago skates at every rink.

Chicago Skates

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Chicago Sidewalk 100 / 105 See details
Chicago Sidewalk 100 / 105
The Chicago 100 (girls) or 105(boys) kids roller skate can be used in the neighborhood or in the rink. A great beginner roller skate to get your kids rolling.

Our price: $34.97
List price: $42.00 save 17%
Chicago 1900 / 1905 See details
Chicago 1900 / 1905
The Chicago 1900 and 1905 is a budget roller skate and classic way to get your kid rolling.

Our price: $38.97
List price: $65.00 save 40%
Chicago 400 / 405 See details
Chicago 400 / 405
Chicago classic roller skate for the rink. Chicago 400 and Chicago 405 are solid choices.

Our price: $49.97
List price: $65.00 save 23%
Chicago Bullet See details
Chicago Bullet
Chicago Bullet roller skate is designed for the new or occasional skater. A great skate for the money.

Our price: $50.97
List price: $62.00 save 18%
Chicago 800 / 805 See details
Chicago 800 / 805
The 800/805 Chicago roller skate is a great choice for the intermediate rink skater.

Our price: $65.97
List price: $84.00 save 21%