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Planet On Wheels - A Brief History of the Planet

POW!, Planet On Wheels, has one mission and that's to deliver the best of what's out there for having fun on wheels. We want to see you get off you heels and get on your wheels. Because when you do, you'll certainly get a smile on your face. I don't think we've ever see anyone on wheels with a scowl on their face. We're Americans and we were born to roll.

Roller Skates

At Planet On Wheels we got started selling roller skates back in 2007 (that's like a century ago in internet years) with the help of a good friend who has been in the skating business for three generations. What started as a simple answer to the needs of roller skaters to buy online from a full service store has now gone global. We now ship roller skate literally all over the planet. Lucky for us we named it Planet On Wheels from the start because we imagined that one day the world would buy more than just a few roller skates online.

The Best Place to Buy Roller Skates

So we've evolved our business right along with the internet by always providing new features on our web site. We were the first web site to allow it's customers to comparison shop roller skates by comparing boots, plates, wheels and bearings of each and every roller skate. Today, our competitors are still playing catch up and we're about to blow by them again with a mobile version of our web site and the ability to sign in with your social media accounts like facebook.

Fishing Carts, Beach Carts and More

Today Planet On Wheels has taken the leap into living up to our name by expanding our product offerings to include many other fun products on wheels. In 2010 we started selling fishing carts both on Planet On Wheels and also at our offspring store BeachFishingCarts.com. That decision naturally led to include beach carts, rod racks and all sorts of other beach going and fishing products that make going to the beach or pier easier.

Beach Wagons

The funny thing with beach-going people is they like to socialize and spread the word about neat innovative products and where to get them. It's just a love of gadgets and gear we suppose. From fishing carts we began to get requests for beach wagons and we obliged by offering one model... just a single wagon. Since then the demand has taken off and we're happy to announce a partnership with Cartwheels USA to sell an American made line of beach wagons since 2011. Demand for these high quality American hickory and powder coated steel beach wagons has been swift.

Electric Scooters and Gas Scooters

While roller skates still remain the top selling product on Planet On Wheels, we started offering a line of gas and electric scooters in 2012. We only wanted to see what the initial demand was to determine if this was a product that people would trust us enough to buy online. Turns out that if you offer a good product and great customer service, people will buy just about anything online. Supplies are constantly running low on our gas scooters and electric scooters and we're working diligently to meet demand.

What's New On The Planet

So that brings us up to today. Just like planet earth, we're evolving, spinning, throwing up dust and getting better all the time. We just started to carry a few electric bicycles, electric motorcycles and various utility wheels and all terrain wheels. You can probably expect to see skateboards, mini-bikes and some other surprises coming soon.

Where the Wheels are Going

People who like things with wheels like all kinds of things with wheels and Planet On Wheels is the online store that's going to answer that call. So keep checking back with us to see what's new because we guarantee to add a few new products throughout the web site every day. We hope you enjoy exploring the planet with us and what better way to experience it than on a set of wheels.

Thanks for shopping with us and we appreciate your business!

John S. Dodson





Reels on Wheels Beach Fishing Cart CPI
Reels on Wheels Beach Fishing Cart CPI
Our price: $229.97
List price: $300.00
23% save